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Useful Web sites that support business ethics research come in a variety of forms, with links to business ethics periodicals, news, or other documents. BELL: The Business Ethics Link Library (Http://libnet .colorado. edu/Bell/frontpage. htm) is a comprehensive collection of resources compiled by the business library at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, that primarily provides many dozens of examples of the codes of ethics of business and organizations. BELL also serves as a useful first stop for links to ethics periodicals, education programs, and other ethics and corporate social responsibility online resources. In addition to the already-mentioned newsletters by the Ethics Resource Center, European Business Ethics Network, and the Society for Business Ethics, there presently are two well-established English language Internet sites that contain news, commentary, announcements, and the occasional case study. They are the business ethics section of Management Logs, Www. managementlogs. com/husiness_ ethics. html, a Weh log hy more than 12 international contributors, and RISQ: Review of International Social Questions, Www. risq. org/category4.html, a publication by 18 international researchers, journalists, and policy makers. These sites host journalistic reporting and interviews and have supplemental features like notifications for new content, useful links, and interactive discussions. More sites such as these are likely to appear as interest in and the study of business ethics become more widespread.

—Adele E. Barsh

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